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Scuba Diving

Experience Central Texas's Best Scuba

Windy Point Park is one of the top diving “hot spots” in the Central Texas area. It has been recognized by various divers and instructors from all over the state. Locally, several Fire Rescue and Underwater Rescue Operations use Windy Point Park as a training ground to help save lives.

We offer a wealth of items to find, explore, and seek out in Lake Travis. Divers will find boat wrecks and unique metal sculptures of a scuba diver, a sea turtle and a shark  along with other interesting objects. There are various boats, a Pinto and more! ( See the detailed map. ). There are six platforms available for instructors to use for training.

Divers with advanced training and experience can enjoy the deep underwater canyon wall, plunging to depths well over 100 feet. Dress warmly however – the temperatures at that depth can differ 30 degrees from the surface

SCUBA fills available from 8am to 6pm  for $12 per bottle.

  • On-site air-fill station
  • Courtesy carts to transport your equipment
  • Minor repairs if applicable
  • Protected swim and dive areas
  • Stairs for easy access to Lake Travis
  • Instructors – Free park entry and personal air-fills with SCUBA class
  • DiveMasters – Free park entry when working with a SCUBA class

Camp & Picnic

Enjoy the Beauty of Lake Travis

Each year, thousands of families and groups come west of Austin to enjoy the picturesque scenery and inviting clear waters of Lake Travis. More and more are discovering that Windy Point Park is a great place to picnic, swim or just relax and enjoy the beautiful lake setting, without the crowds.

Convenient to Austin, Windy Point Park is also a fun destination campground. Tent camping is primitive style, but the groomed lawn and abundant shade trees help to make it feel civilized.  Changing facilities, clean portable restrooms and outdoor heated showers are available for your comfort.

Whether picnicking till sunset or camping overnight, Windy Point Park is a great place to rediscover some peace of mind.

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Terms & Policies

  • No reservations; we accommodate you as you arrive.
  • Maximum 14 nights camping within 30 days.  
  • Deep Water only and No lifeguards; swim at your own risk.
  • Children, 16 and under, must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No pets, glass containers, firearms or spear guns.
  • Fishing is prohibited because of SCUBA diving.
  • Jumping or diving from the rocks or stairs is not allowed.

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